"I really, really like the humming one because it's really peaceful." - Lilia, 4 

"I like the bit when you tell what you are feeling today" - Leo, 4

"I liked it when we were the wind going through the trees and seeing how still they could be." - Nibodh, 4

Yoga has considerable mental, emotional and physical benefits for children and youths. It is a well recognised fact that children suffer from stress – even as early as primary school. A regular physical or creative activity helps, but Yoga has been shown to offer the benefits of both. It helps them:

  • improve their focus, concentration and memory;
  • gain a better understanding of their emotions and how to deal with them, leading to a more positive attitude and a calmer and quieter mind;
  • improve their self-awareness and confidence in a non-competitive environment;
  • increase their strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance in harmony with their natural development;
  • improve energetic circulation and hormone regulation

I currently teach Nursery and Reception aged children at school and occasionally run Introduction to Yoga workshops for youths and 'tweens'. Young people of 16+ and younger people of secondary school age who have followed the introductory course are welcome to join my mixed ability evening classes.

I am qualified to teach from the age of 2.5 and DAB checked.

DofE award

The Duke of Edinburgh award requires youths to learn a new skill – Yoga not only allows them to work towards their certificate but teaches valuable life skills. I been an assessor for several young people already.

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