Raja Yoga – the yoga of the mind – is the science of developing harmony and overcoming disharmony in order to be happy, peaceful, and a positive influence in the world. 

I started practising meditation around 8 years ago as an extension to my physical yoga practice. After trying my hand at a number of different styles, I settled on Prana Samyama, the original method of awareness meditation taught by Gautama Buddha 2500 years ago and later described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. Prana Samyama is a simple yet powerful secular method which offers the opportunity to actively take control of unhelpful behavioural patterns by going to the very root of the unconscious mind. It is by far the most effective meditation technique that I have tried, is a fundamental support in my life and informs everything that I do. In addition to my daily practice, I attend regular courses with Traditional Yoga, the UK branch of Dr ALV Kumar’s Indian foundation. I am a passionate advocate of meditation for not only mental but also physical well-being, and find teaching meditation to be an invigorating, stimulating and very rewarding experience.

Meditation 8 week course

More than just a sitting group, this 8 week course aims to sow the seeds of a regular home practice and offers an insight into the many facets of meditation. You'll come away with a better understanding of what you are doing and why, which is instrumental in keeping your practice going in the long run. Expect a mixture of practice, theory & deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra). There's also plenty of time for questions and troubleshooting. You'll receive materials each week to support your home practice. Complete beginners are welcomed and encouraged – the atmosphere is always friendly and inclusive. Group size is kept small which allows me to offer each participant individual attention.

The next 8 week course starts on Tuesday 14th January at 6.30 pm and is held at Leaf House. £70 (£10 to reserve your space, £60 payable before first session).

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What people say...

"I’ve just completed Elli’s 8 week meditation course, developing new skills under her carefully structured and very personal guidance in the warm and welcoming space of Leaf House. Having an established daily meditation practice already in place I wanted to learn more about different aspects of meditation. I wasn’t disappointed. Week by week as a small group of 7 students, we were introduced to simple breathing techniques to help us engage fully into a meditative practice. We observed our natural human frailties that can interfere with an intended path and were helped individually to find the most comfortable meditation posture. As the weeks passed my monkey mind began to calm, and I find I’m now able to look at myself and others in a calmer and more compassionate way. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to find some respite from the challenges of today’s digital world and pace of life. I’ve been given the tools and confidence from Elli’s excellent teaching to look after my mind in a simple yet highly effective way. These skills are within all of us but sometimes we need to be guided how to realise this." - Rosemary

“I would highly recommend Elli’s classes. She has a very calming manner and a genuine passion for what she teaches. It’s certainly helped switch off and get a better night’s sleep!” - Luke

“I joined Elli’s group because I was desperate to calm my overactive mind so that I could sleep and focus better. I noticed in an immediate improvement in my ability to slow down, breathe and concentrate. My resting heart rate also dropped and I had moments of great insight. Elli is very knowledgeable, kind and patient. Apart from constantly encouraging, she provided some interesting weekly background information, as well as recordings to practice with in between sessions. So much better than a cheap app and well worth the investment in time and money. Highly recommended." - David

"I decided to join Elli's 8 week meditation course as a way to help me deal with the normal day to day stresses of today's modern lifestyle. Having now completed the course I feel I have learnt a life skill that has helped me relax and feel more positive on a daily basis, and will continue to do so. I would definitely recommend Elli's course for anyone that has trouble relaxing or "switching off" after a busy day." - Martin

"Elli is a patient and eloquant trainer and I enjoyed the course very much" - Sophia

"I am very grateful to Elli. The course has sharpened my self awareness and the breathing technique has really helped to get rid of unwelcome agitation and to find more calm. I even had a thought that I should repeat the course again to strengthen my skills of mind calming." - Tatiana

"I'm a very active person, not able to sit still. The first session I was very surprised I could still for 20-25 minutes. Having done it under guidance I was motivated to try it at home. The course has brought me tremendous peace and ability to look within and then pass the peace beyond me." - Anna