What people have to say about the classes...


About Gentle & Very Gentle Yoga

"Attending the Very Gentle yoga classes has been really life changing for me. Prior to starting I had really low mobility and high levels of pain, and was hardly able to leave my house due to a chronic condition. Now i am able to participate in life so much more, my mobility is much improved and my pain has been reduced greatly which has allowed me to manage my condition so much better. I look forward to the class every week as I know I'm going to feel so much better after." - Lou

"Elli's Gentle yoga class is perfect for me. I am over 60 and have a fair amount of experience of yoga in the past but was definitely feeling stiffer than I used to. This class encourages you to work to your own ability and although making allowances for us all being older you do still feel that you have used a few muscles you wouldn't have done otherwise."

"I enter the yoga room with Elli, full of the worries and cares of the day but almost immediately her calmness and kindness overtakes me. It is very special to practise yoga with Elli. She shows understanding of my limitations and with her enthusiasm and infectious humour I leave the class relaxed and restored, with my mind clear and a feeling of well being. Thank you Elli."
Rosemary M.

"I am just glad to have found a class that I can do! As my knees aren't so good it is great that we don't have to get up and down off the floor every few minutes as that can wear me out. Also I noticed that even though it doesn't feel that strenuous my blood glucose number was very good when I got home the other day so clearly it is good for my diabetes control. There have only been a few poses that I have found difficult to do - like the balancing poses but having the chair to hand makes one feel safe to try it."
Rosemary A.

About Mindful Hatha Flow

"We are so lucky to have yoga classes running in Kennington, and the new venue in the school hall is perfect. Elli is a brilliant teacher, bringing a relaxed informal vibe to her classes. This puts everyone at ease and simultaneously creates a safe space in which we can challenge ourselves a little bit. I have been doing yoga for a number of years but it is only in Elli's classes that I have really understood how breathing can help you relax into the poses, and stretch that bit further. I am finding her classes extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. I always come away from class with a feeling that I have made a good investment of time."

"Elli has a kind, open heart and a good sense of humour, which makes her a very good teacher. Her guidance and advice help to relax and focus inwards. Since I have practiced yoga with Elli I have experienced a lot of changes in my life. One of them is forgiveness. An other one is that I can avoid unhealthy food much easier than before. My discipline has strengthened. I feel stronger and my ego has become smaller. I apply yoga now in everyday life and my life is easier and happier."

"I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful yoga class last night. I came home very grounded, something I haven't felt for a while. It made me remember how important it is that I have yoga in my life."

"Yoga with Elli has become an important part of my week. My work has been extremely busy over the past few months and having this hour or so of calm has been vital. After the class I feel as though I have had a massage, body and mind. Elli is an amazing teacher and we are very lucky to have her in Kennington!"