Nidra means, in translation, sleep.

But Yoga Nidra is not sleep as we normally know it, but rather a deep state of consciousness when we are neither asleep nor awake but experience total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is yoga where you don't have to move - just lie down comfortably and follow the facilitator's voice. Yoga Nidra is deceptively simple - although it can feel like having a nap, it allows participants to access deeper layers of the mind, increasing problem solving abilities, creativity and performance, and giving the body a chance to repair itself. If you feel over-worked, over-stressed and generally exhausted, or suffer from a lingering physical condition, Yoga Nidra may give you the boost you need. It's also good to practice Nidra alongside regular Asana classes (postures) - particularly at times when you might not feel up to a physical practice.​ For a general class, Nidra might simply aim to induce deep relaxation and a sense of well being, however more specific Nidras can be designed for specific therapeutic requirements in both group and one-to-one settings.

What to expect?

A Yoga Nidra session will involve a settling process - snuggling down into the mat as comfortably as possible, often with the aid of cosy blankets and bolsters. It might invite the use of breathing techniques or a focus on the breath. There will usually be a ‘rotation of consciousness’, focusing the awareness on different parts of the body. It might also include consideration of opposites and other meditative/mindful approaches. Some Nidras might include focusing on a ‘sankalpa’ or heartfelt intention. The environment aims to be supportive and kind for you to experience a deep sense of calm in your own personal space. There is no pressure to do anything but just be.

Having experienced the highly transformational nature of Yoga Nidra in my own personal practice and witnessed it in delivering it to others, I am absolutely passionate about sharing it in group or 1:1 settings. All Gentle Yoga Group 2 classes end in a Nidra, and I also run a regular evening Yoga Nidra & Meditation session. Click here for upcoming dates.